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Posted by darthkeller on January 11, 2013

So, a level 80 DK solo’d H 25-man Baleroc in Firelands. A few days later and an 80 paladin solo’d Stone Guard, Feng, and later, Elegon.

Of course this news was met with congratulations and a general sense of amazement about the skill of these players… Right?

Not so much. Instead we got post after post claiming that Blizzard had jumped the shark on difficulty of raids, that they were somehow complicit in these feats.

Here are some truths for you: First, these players saw an opportunity with the gear that’s dropped from random mobs to do some spectacular things. They took that gear and proved their point. Second, these players took the tools that were given to them by Blizzard and made them do some things that were unintended.

Instead of just saying “Hey, that’s cool” players every where complained and eventually got what they wanted, though they also got something I’m sure they didn’t… A nerf.

The crux of these fights is this: Vengeance. For those who don’t know, every time a boss swings at a tank there’s an amount of damage that’s possible. Whether the attack lands or not 2% of that damage is added to the Vengeance of the tank. Vengeance is nothing more than attack power. So, if a tank swap never occurs, the more damage a tank takes, the more damage he does. These players, with the way stat-scaling works (ie – 100 parry at level 80 is worth a lot more than 100 parry at 90), were able to dodge/parry almost every attack, but they were still stacking massive amounts of vengeance. In the DK vs Baleroc vid his vengeance was in the millions (if not more, I didn’t have time to really see how many digits there were), so even though Baleroc has hundreds of millions of HP, this tank’s vengeance eventually allowed him to start hitting for millions of damage each time he attacked.

Here’s where the nerf comes in… In 5.0 Vengeance would stack infinitely. This allowed a tank to continually hit harder as the fight progressed. NOW, vengeance only stacks to the players max hp.

Why is this a nerf? Tank DPS is about to plummet! Why is that important? There are enough fights in Tier 14 that require a lot of dps (Gara’jal and Elegon come to mind immediately, and that’s only in Mogu’shan Vaults), and even a tank’s dps is very important. Well, now that dps is about to drop considerably since they can no longer stack vengeance to “insane” levels.

Problem: Level 80s are solo’ing stuff that should kill them instantly.

Possible Solution: Fix the gear so that it doesn’t scale as well

Possible Solution: Fix the gear so that it can’t be equipped until 81

Possible Solution: Fix the instances so they can’t be entered by 80s


So, community, thanks. Thank you for nerfing all of us

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